Wednesday, December 4, 2013

TVs in Egypt : LED TV, 3DTV & Plasma TV

History for TVs in Egypt

no doubt that, no one in Egypt can not Dispense TVs..TVs have changed our lives for 5 Centuries... Broadcast began on 1960, the Egyptian TV was started with a 8 hours . The transmission began with Qur'anic recitation
second channel was launched, and a third channel was launched in 1962. Thus, the total broadcasting hours of the three channels was 25–30 hours/day.

in 1996 established a new company called Nilesat with the purpose of operating Egyptian satellites and their associated ground control station and uplinking facilities In December 2010, Nilesat broadcasts over 700 TV channels, and over 100 digital radio channels uplinked either from Cairo,

today most of Egyptian People have watching TVs for 4:8 Hours per day watching movies, Talk show programs and TV become very important for every Egyptian family

In conjunction with TV Broadcast growth,TVs as devices have been development...TVs NOW become light,thin, with new technology, accordingly there is Become a need to modernize your TV

if you want to replace old TV with new LCD TV ,LED TV ,Plasma TV or 3d TV to Keep up with should Keep in mind a few things before buying new TV

-TV Technology ...Whether LCD TV, LED TV, 3D TV,Plasma TV
-TV size.... if it 32" 40" 55"
-TV Resolution if it Full HD or HD or HD Ready
e3050 Egypt gives you a chance to select your new from different TV from global brand manufactures like samsung TV ,LG TV ,Hisense TV ,sony TV & Panasonic TV

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